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What is it?  I'm not telling (I will if you ask).  But I will teach you how to play the system we are going to use (think modified AD&D).  Don't let the cute bird fool you.  There is humor but there is death waiting around every corner, as well.  He's technically loitering but I'M not going ot be the one who tells him.  We'll begin with character creation (although you can contact me individually to do this before hand if you wish) - it is a little involved.  Try not to die. When does it happen?  Every Saturday starting September 22 from 2pm to 6pm Where does it happen?  Round Table Games at 128 Main St., Ste. A Carver, MA 02330 What does it cost?  $10 per session OR a minimum $15 purchase in the store the day of the adventure.  What do you get?  4+ hours of gaming entertainment/ education 2 Quest card punches.  Get 10 punches on your Quest card and you can use it for $5 off any paid tournament or event.  (see!reward-programs/c1yi0 here for details) Chivalry points (1 point for every $ spent including the session fee).  These can be saved for free drinks/ snacks or discounts on products.  See details here. A noble title within our realm.  Play enough and get discounts on events and products.  This event awards single points See here  If you are the Duke or Duchess of a game , you get a 10% discount on purchases related to that game, plus 2 free mulligans (re-rolls) during a session. Counts and Countesses get 8% and 1 free mulligan., Viscounts and Vicountesses get 6% and they can add +1 to a die roll per session. and all Barons get 4%. These discounts do not stack with other discounts, sorry. .  You must be registered in Round Table Game's Rewards program to get the full benefits (registration is free.) Links Round Table Games' website Round Table Games' RPG Nobility leaderboard Round Table Games' rewards page http://www.roundtablegamesma
  • Start:November 10, 2018 Time: 2:00 PM
  • End:November 10, 2018 Time: 11:59 PM
  • Recurring
  • Where:Round Table Games, 128 Main Street , Suite A, Carver, Massachusetts, United States, 02330
  • Phone:N/A
  • Event Type: Family
  • Ticket Price:N/A


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